Between Destinations #1

All images in the following blog post were found between my house and the nearest (Fellini) Kroger on March 14, 2015.  

Funeral Men/N Broadway_441/Knoxville,TN/2015

Guesthouse/E Glenwood Ave/Knoxville,TN/2015

Forbidden/Bluff St/Knoxville,TN/2015

Lost World/Bluff St/Knoxville,TN/2015

Traipsin'/Fellini Kroger/Knoxville,TN/2015

Tax Ninja/N Broadway_441/Knoxville,TN/2015

Model Goose/Fellini Kroger/Knoxville,TN/2015

The world is only scary when you stay in one place (Vol.2)

2/7/2015_Jon Lawson and I drove southwest to Cookeville.


2/14/2015_Jon Lawson and I traveled north on Clinton HWY then west to Oak Ridge.

2/14/2015_Clinton HWY

Just another night on earth

Skateboarding, we love you.


Johnny, Colby, Ian, and Josh.

The world is only scary when you stay in one place.


Saturday drive with Jon Lawson through some charming East Tennessee back roads.We headed east on this cold morning. Equipped with one digital camera(me) and at least four film cameras(Jon). More trips like this in the near future will happen. Without a doubt.


A look at our route. 


Much appreciation goes to Jon Lawson. Thank you for the drive and companionship. Please visit Jon Lawson's website for his views-----> jw lawson FINE ART


In my 25 years as a skateboarder, I have developed a lifelong and genuine respect for what skateboarding is and what skateboarding has continued to teach me. John Bohnenstiel is certainly a true skateboarder that adheres to this philosophy. At the crisp age of 41, Johnny has no intention of quieting his passion and has a concrete understanding as to what makes skateboarding an innovative and organic art form. The more riders we have that foster this appreciation towards skateboarding, the brighter it is for the future of skateboarding.

John Bohnenstiel - Ollie up and over grass gap  University of Tennessee - Knoxville, TN   

John Bohnenstiel - Ollie up and over grass gap

University of Tennessee - Knoxville, TN


Wallows - Knoxville edition

Located a few clicks west of downtown, the Wallows is an old school Knoxville skate spot. Though it was named after the world famous cement ditch in Hawaii, Knoxville's Wallows earned its own legendary status by offering a safe haven for local skateboarders long before construction began on the city skatepark. Ian Thomas and I decided to visit the ditch in hopes that the terrain would be without watery interferences.

Ebony Eyes

Last Winter I was lucky enough to photograph my favorite local band right here in Knoxville, Tennessee as a photojournalism project. The guys granted me full access and impressed me musically and personally. I give you EBONY EYES  !!!

Ebony Eyes is:

Russell Garner - Vocals & Guitar

NIkolai Teague - Bass

Bill Van Vleet - Drums

Click here to see and hear more from ----->  Ebony Eyes 



30 Minute Walk

My camera and I decided to have a short stroll around downtown Knoxville without an agenda or destination. I gave myself a half-an-hour deadline for this project. Click through the gallery to see all photos.